Focused, Dynamic and Purpose-Driven

That's what most of my peers and clients have to say about me. The shift from Financial Services to the world of Coaching and Mentoring happened when I realized that my 'X-Factor' lies in personal, professional and organizational development and so the journey began.

About me

If there's one thing I wished I could have worked on back in the days when I worked in the corporate world, it has to be this:

'I wish I had a coach/mentor to help me grow much faster than I could have possibly imagined'

My vision is to invigorate aspiring leaders and visionaries
so that they are energised. in resonance with their own and organisation's values
and performing at their very best.

I setup this Coaching and Consultancy practice just because I know and I realize how important is it to have a culture in the organization where you feel supported, accountable and motivated, where my clients can feel comfortable with having authentic conversations, a space for them to accept who they are, without fear but with the willingness and confidence to shift things around them for better.

According to a research done by Forbes, 'The Institute of Coaching sites that over 70% of individuals who receive coaching benefitted from -

  • - Improved work performance
  • - Better Relationships
  • - Effective communication skills

I work with individual leaders, teams and organisations using highly targeted interventions that help you get more impact for less effort.

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