I also specialise in helping driven men and women who are committed to perform at their highest level, achieve much higher levels of fulfilment, meaning and reward from their careers.

Career Transition Coaching

Whether you are an ambitious high achiever, a parent looking to return to work after a long break, a new mum looking to find alternative career options or a young graduate exploring different possibilities; to support your transition, I offer an effective and proven Coaching Transition Framework that includes areas such as: shifts in mindset, behaviours, skills, role, expectations, etc, whilst building resilience and personal leadership.

  • We start with designing the alliance, setting objectives and the outcomes you want to achieve and the shift you want to create.
  • We discuss the gaps between the present and the future role and lay a plan together.
  • We discuss your values, the impact you want to make, your skills matrix, the opportunities available, the mindset blocks etc.
  • We then work towards finding pragmatic solutions to develop the necessary traction for you to make the shift with impact and ease.

Are you ready to create that shift?

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