Intentional Journal for High Achievers

This 'Intentional Journal for High Achievers' has been created with an intention to help highly ambitious professionals, aspiring leaders and typically any high achiever to create a life they love without burning themselves out. It is a guided workbook that will prompt you to 'Think and Do it Right away in a Right way' ! I created this because I felt after having coached numerous kind of high achievers and high performers that inspite of ' having it all', they were still feeling unfulfilled. This is a book which not only acts as your personal coach and guides you to your soul-aligned goals but also puts you on the ' thinking step' where you will be able to reflect on where and how you need to make changes in your life, business and work in order to create resonance and happiness.

So go on and happy reading ( and writing:))

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I have been meditating for quite a long time now and I cannot stress enough the importance of taking some time-out every day to simply reconnect with your body. It doesn't have to be an arduous task as I know a lot of the people say it's difficult to relax and meditate as undoubtedly we all have zillions of thoughts coming by. I would suggest not to focus on stopping the flow of your thoughts. Simply observe your thoughts like a passerby, be aware of your breathing and sit silently for a few minutes. This mediation has been created specially to help you clear the 'Brain fog' you might be experiencing lately due to overwhelm and you will come out feeling refreshed and at peace with yourself. And that's the time for you to start working on your next steps, your important projects etc. So sit back and enjoy this journey...

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